Pericles, Prince of Tired Plots

Here’s the first installment of Klassik Komedy Jamz from ye olde blogge, a condensed version of Shakespeare’s “Pericles”, a play which I read when I was attending a monthly Shakespeare reading group (hosted by eminent raconteur Randy Cohen). It seemed more contrived than usual, but it was one of the last plays we read, so … was it really that bad, or was I just inured to Shakespeare’s standard plot devices by that point? If we’d read it earlier, would I think it was genius, and “Twelfth Night” was derivative tripe?

No, I’m pretty sure it was just that bad. Anyway, judge for yourself. I give you … Pericles.

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The plight of the ex-blogger

Blogging, man, who has the time anymore? Pretty much anything longer than 140 characters looks alien to me nowadays. And yet it seems that now and again you just need a place to put things on the internet, and so then there you are. I used to blog quite a bit, but much of it is half-baked commentary on then-current events and when I reread that stuff, I realize how much more pleasant it is to have such tediously tendentious matters relegated to the Warner-Bros.-cartoon-assembly-line generator of ephemera that is Twitter. However, there are some good bits in there too, and so I hope to relocate all of those in one place, and hopefully, henceforward, add only things that also qualify as good bits. Excelsior.